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See our price / product list below.

By registering and paying for your class or classes in advance online, you create a relaxed space for us to focus on creating amazing classes and deep healing treatments for you (instead of gettting bogged down with admin and paperwork 😊).

Below is our price list wich will give you a good overview of our offerings.

If you would like to book a private yoga class or treatment, please feel free to email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Sutra 2.46: “sthira-sukham âsanam”

Translation: The means of perfecting the posture is that of relaxing, relenting effort, and allowing your attention to merge with endlessness, or the infinite.

Patanjali – Yoga Sutras


In Studio Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes (Zoom)

Private Yoga Classes

  • Private Yoga (60mins) Single Class – €60
  • Private Yoga (90mins) Single Class €85
  • Private Yoga (60mins) x3 Classes €160
  • Private Yoga (90mins) x3 Classes €230

Ashtanga Foundation Workshop

  • Ashtanga Foundation Workshop – (1 day workshop) – €230
  • Ashtanga Foundation Workshop – x3 Private Classes €230


  • Myofascial Stress Release (60mins) Single Treatment – €60
  • Myofascial Stress Release (60mins) x3 Treatments €160
  • Conscious Body Work – 6 Treatment Package €380